Bandits Grill and Bar

Bandits Grill and Bar

Bandits' Grill and Bar barbecue in historic Park City is located in heart of real outlaw country, often a stop on the Outlaw Trail between Robbers Roost and Brown's Park, this path was traveled by "The Wild Bunch" itself. Though you won't likely cross trails with the likes of Utah's own Butch Cassidy or Kid Curry, but you are guaranteed to tangle with some of the best barbecue ever served in the Rockies. Quickly becoming the standard for oak grilled barbecue, Bandits' Grill and Bar serves up the finest ribs, chicken and steaks anywhere. Stop in Bandits', hang your hat and drift back to the time of roaring silver furnaces, roaring six guns and real Western barbecue.

Bandits Grill and Bar Overview

It takes more than a great atmosphere to make a great restaurant, and that is where Bandits' Grill and Bar rises to the occasion. Known throughout Southern California and Park City for our barbecue, you'll find the legendary entrees that gave us that reputation here on the pages of our menu.

Look through our Lunch, Dinner or Take-Out menus to find some of your Bandits' Barbecue favorites or just to get an idea of what you've been missing.

About Bandits Grill and Bar

Ron Parker, head Bandit and founder of Bandits' Grill and Bar, isn't quite sure when the idea to open Bandit's came to him, but everyone agrees it was a good one. A veteran of the restaurant business since he was 13 and a devoted barbecue aficionado, Ron knew he wanted to create the best barbecue experience possible. In 1990 he opened the first Bandits' in Thousand Oaks and the "Legend" began to grow. Soon proclaimed "Best Barbecue In Los Angeles" the original small restaurant in Thousand Oaks was overflowing and Bandits' Camarillo was opened. And now Park City.

Come by, become part of the legend.